Salmo Trail trip

Salmo Priest Wilderness Backpacking. This describes a loop trip taken a few years ago. Approximately 17-18 miles. Three days and two nights for a leisure trip. I know that this was ran in one day a while back by Dave and Angie Jones, but that is another story! From The north side of Sullivan Lake take Rd 22 (2220) all the way up through the gut of the Salmo Priest Wilderness area to it’s end. Near the top their is a fork to the left that goes about 1 3/4 miles up to an old lookout at Salmo Mountain. It is worth a side trip if you have time. The road is a little rough so a sturdy vehicle is wise, but the views up there in the early morning or late evening are epic. To reach the trail head for the backpack trip described take a right at the fork instead of the left up to the lookout. Drive to end of the road about a half a mile to the trail head for trail number 506. It is very obvious. Take trail 506 down and down through dense big timber to the Salmo River itself. There is a campsite there which is quite nice. If you get a late start this is logical choice for a campsite. The owls were out in full force the night I was there. It sounded like a dog barking all night long. I think it was a barred owl. From here head east through impressive timber. About a mile and a half up there is a short trail called 531 on the right that leads to an old trappers cabin. Pretty cool. I believe there was a good campsite down there also. Back on trail 506 continue easterly through more impressive timber. Your goal here is to get up to the Shedroof divide trail (#512). It is a pretty good pull up to the top. There is very little water up on shedroof divide so good to fill up. Once you finally reach the shedroof divide you are all in Idaho now and will be able to see Snowy Top to the north at 7572′. This appears to be easily baggable, but didn’t have time. I bet the view up there is epic. Once on the Shedroof divide trail you head south with great Idaho views to the east. There are limited areas along this trail for camping and no water. Continue south and take trail 535 to the right to finish the loop and get back to the car. Most likely there are few Grizz roaming around so food storage at night is important. Happy trails. Jim


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