No Frog Pond Loop

Copied from an entry by Dick Vogel:

No Frog Pond Loop (Note:  The road behind the green gate goes through Arden Tree Farms land and is posted.  You should check with them for entry permission or with the Forest Service to see if they have a right of way on this road.  Will update if I learn more.)

Highlights: An easy loop trail/road around a small, seasonal pond, past an old homestead site, with an optional trail/road that heads over a mile toward the old Longshot Mine site.

Location: 11.5 road miles northeast of Colville, Washington

Type of trail: Dayhike, backpack/camp, ski, mountain bike, and equestrian.

Total length: 3 mile loop. Add 1 mile (one way) if using the road to the old Longshot Mine site

Elevation gain: 400’

Difficulty: __X__ Easy (4% grade)                _____ Moderate                          _____ Difficult

Trailhead directions:

-From Colville Washington, at the Junction of US 395 and SR 20 traffic light, go east on SR 20 ( 3rd Ave) for 1.1 mile.

-Turn left (north) onto Aladdin Road for 7.3 miles.

-Turn right (east) onto South Fork Mill Creek Road for 1.5 mile.

-At the junction of the South and Middle Forks of Mill Creek, stay to the right on the South Fork road for 1.6 mile (3.2 miles from Aladdin/South Fork junction). If you passed a green forest service locked gate on the left on FSRD 7005-085 , you went about 1/10th mile too far.

-Turn left onto an unnumbered road (about 10 o’clock off the main road) that runs northeast for 1.1 mile.

Jct of South Fork Mill Creek & unnumbered roads GPS coords: N48 36.929 W117 43.402 Elev 2700’

-The trailhead is a “T” with a smaller road that turns to the right and downhill. Park here but please do not block either road. Trailhead GPS coordinates: N48 37.334 W117 42.538 Elevation: 3050’

Trail description:

-Starting out at this “T”, you will see a small yellow USFS boundary sign on the right, about 400’ beyond the trailhead, then cross over several Kelly humps in the road.

-At the No Frog Loop junction at FSRD 7005-105, go right to make the loop counter clockwise.

-Continuing northeast, you will soon pass by the lower end of a regenerated clear cut, then an old homestead site on the left.

-The next landmark, on your left, will be a “Hanging Road” that was cut off by the road you are now on.

Hanging Road GPS coordinates: N48 37.840 W117 41.880 Elevation 3385’

-To continue counter clockwise on the No Frog Loop, go up the hanging road to the left. Otherwise, continue on the main road for 100’ where the road cross over a small creek. This road continues for over a mile (one way) toward the Longshot Mine.

-Back on the No Frog Loop, the trail continues counterclockwise over a washed-out culvert to No Frog Pond. This “pond” is a seasonal “dieing lake”, remnants of a former glacieral tarn (small mountain lake) now full of sediment, dammed up by beaver. No Frog Pond GPS coordinates: N48 37.919 W117 41.710 Elevation 3430’

-Next you will come to two meadows. In the second meadow, watch to your right for a trail leading to the Two-Mile road in .1 mile. The coordinates to this short trail are: GPS coordinates: N48 38.000 W117 41.824 Elev. 3490’

Note: The Two-Mile trailhead is 4.5 miles from this point.

-If completing the No Frog Loop instead of accessing the Two-Mile Trail, continue south to the No Frog Pond trailhead.

Thanks to Dick.

You can also access No Frog Pond by Two Mile Trail.

No Frog Trail Loop


One Response to “No Frog Pond Loop”

  1. trailtracker Says:

    3-18-10 There will still be snow around the pond and on the trail. It won’t be long.

    5-07- 10 All of the trail is clear with no sign of snow. From S Fork start at the green (locked) gate. About 10 minutes to get through the logged area.

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