Little Round Top

LRT begins

Little Round Top

The trail starts out almost flat and gets steeper as you go.  The beginning is dense cedar-grand fir-hemlock changing to Douglas fir and then open Ponderosas pine forest.   About fifteen or twenty minutes in you come out above a big, open south-facing slope.  This is one of the first areas to clear of snow in the spring.  From there it is twenty or thirty minutes to where the trail turns sharply up hill.  (About half way or less you might look for a big ponderosa pine on your right where people have dumped garbage.)

Another twenty minutes or more of steep hiking (more if you take your time) will take you to the top of the mountain.  There is a nice view of the surrounding mountains and valleys.  Take the trail back or bushwhack your way down the open slopes to rejoin the trail at the first big open area.

This area has lots of ticks in late spring and early summer so take precautions if you go then.

Directions:   Drive out Aladdin Road 8 miles and turn right on the south Fork Mill Creek road.  Turn left on Middle Fork off the S fork road.  Turn left at the next junction (Irish Mountain).  Park on the right, just as the road flattens at the top of the first hill.  The trail is on the left and not marked.

Alternate:  Another way up Little Round Top is to start at the second bridge on Middle Fork  (aka Bon Ayre.)

Go left up the hill after crossing the second bridge.  A rough trail with nice views meets the LRT trail at the top of the big open hill.

Most of this trail can be hiked early in the spring as it is south facing and not very high in elevation.  You may have to walk in snow to get to the hills, but the steep parts clear of snow very early.

Instead of hiking the trail it may be easier to walk on the open slopes.

Watch for ticks in late spring.

4-04-10  Biked and pushed to the top on the trail.  Trail is open with a few tiny patches of snow.  Biked all the way down without getting off so the trail is pretty good.  It is a little tight in places.  A couple had already been to the top in March and left a message in the jar by the cairn.  Don’t know if they came up the face or on the trail.  Watch for ticks on the open areas.


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