Two Mile Trail

Two –Mile Trail

This is a gentle trail with a moderate grade and multiple connections to other trails.  It cuts through aspen, birch, fir and pine forest.  It is any easy hike or a moderate trip for a mountain bike.  It is also suitable for cross-country skiing in the winter although there may be bushes bent down on parts of the trail.  This is a beautiful fall hike with lots of leafy trees changing color.  It is shady enough for a warm summer day.  The snow leaves fairly early in the spring because of the moderately low elevation.

About fifteen minutes up the trail flattens and soon comes to the first junction, Leprechaun trail down and to the right.  Stay to the left and the trail soon rises sharply over several hundred yards to an old road.  Go right and the next junction is about a quarter mile or a little more.  The road/trail to the right is Rubber Boa.  Stay left and climb on an old road to a sloping meadow with a great view of the valley and of Dominion Mountain to the south.  This is a good place for a snack break or a little of road skiing if the snow is good.   Another half mile or so will take you to a ‘triangle junction’ with Kegel road.  A right turn takes you down a road to the South Fork road.  (There is a newer, parallel alternate trail called Devil’s Fork with a hike to Devil’s Knob you can read about in the Devil’s Fork post.)   A left will take you on a rougher less used road that rises and falls and then dead ends in about a mile.  A short bushwhack through the trees on a rough trace of a trail emerges in an old clear-cut field on the edge of the other fork of Kegel rd.   A left here will take you around a small seasonal pond (No Frog Pond).  A right connects you to Kegel rd and then South Fork.

Directions:  Go out Aladdin road from Colville about eight miles and turn right on the South Fork Mill Creek road.  In about a mile and a half turn left on Middle Fork.  Go almost exactly two miles (hence the name).  The trail is on the right and is hard to see.  You can turn around about 100 yards further on where you will see a small meadow.  If you come to an old school house you have gone too far.


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