Biking trails

doug on boulder-deer trail

The low elevation biking trails are clearing off and lots will be ready soon.  George’s trails near Haller Creek are ready  now.  I’ve ridden Two Mile trail on Middle Fork, but it still has ice and snow in some places.  It looks like you could ride up Bisbee Mountain near Kettle FallsHas anyone been in to Trout Lake/Emerald Lake?

I’ll post more permanent entries describing local hiking, biking trails and links to them.   I’d be happy to include any legal trails you think are worthy.  Describe trail condition, difficulty and directions.

Also information about trail conditions, work parties and hikes or rides are welcome.

– Bill


One Response to “Biking trails”

  1. little george Says:

    Trail #1 at Haller Creek is now open and ready for riding; thanks to Bill helping me pick up the beer cans and garbage left by 4wheelers and kids. (see pic)
    Trail #1 is a beginner intermediate ride, on state land, 7 miles from Colville, and takes a little over an hour. This ride starts on a forest road with a moderate up of a couple of miles. (still some muddy spots on that road) You then can double back, down hill, on some interconnecting animal trails. Look for more directions and information about this and the other Haller Creek Trails coming in the near future.

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